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About the Owner

Michael Stephens is an author, healing facilitator and owner of Neurology for Living Optimum. Shaped by his dynamic life experience and knowledge base, Michael has established himself as an adept healing practitioner, specializing in the integration of deep, emotional trauma.


Michael's unique skillset is a mixture that combines integral neurology, Harvard neuroscience, and  internationally accredited coaching skills. Coupled with his extraordinary life experience, Michael is rightfully positioned as a leader in his field.


As as a proud father of two and a loving husband, Michael has personally overcome severe trauma stemming from a broken family, social rejection, and misguided self hatred. Michael  understands the pain of trauma, yet knows the reward of healing. He is the perfect steward to facilitate your transformation! 

Watch Michael share his story at Tag Talks Live below.


Reset from trauma!

The Components of Healing

Integral Neurology

Integral Neurology is an advanced healing modality that incorporates light touch to the tissues overlying the spinal cord, cueing the nervous system to assess the body's energetic state and spontaneously reorganize the area. This is associated with resolving unprocessed life events, resulting in greater ease.

Evolutionary Personal Care

Evolutionary Personal Care (EPC) is a form of breath work that is simple and highly effective in creating coherency within the body/mind.  When these simple techniques are applied, a person can experience an instantaneous change in their state of being. Imagine having the ability to shift from panic into safety, or from anger into compassion; These are some of the advantageous benefits of learning EPC!

Vital Life Coaching

Vital Life Coaching is a way for a practitioner to  support and encourage there practice members as they experience their life transforming. It can be difficult for a person to articulate the innate experience of healing, which is why coaching can be a critical asset for helping  people integrate the experience of their life unfolding.


"It’s hard to explain how my work with Michael has impacted me, and once I started trying to write a testimonial I realized why: because the impact has been on many different levels.  First, I was able to shift my thinking - instead of feeling like I was weak or making bad choices, he helped me to reframe this and to see that I was using “what was available to me now”.  I was able to see, understand, and connect with an energy within me that I had no idea even existed, and I was surprised by its healing power.  It is an unfolding process, one that goes deep and takes time, but I felt myself changing and growing as each week of my work with Michael passed.  Then, there’s the personal level - the instant and profound connection that Michael is able to make with individuals.  I felt fully seen, accepted and cared for even when I didn’t have that to give to myself."

Michelle McMurtry

"Michael is next level. His knowledge and skills are amazing, but it’s his passion to help others and his ability to genuinely connect with his clients that sets him miles apart."

 Jo Weatherford speaker-educator-advocate- rewrite your story at

"When I first came to Michael, I was experiencing so much stress in my life that my body was often completely tensed up without me even realizing it. This caused me a great deal of physical pain and it would often result in lack of sleep at night.
A mere month into entrainments, not only is  the physical pain almost completely gone, but my mental stress levels have decreased monumentally.  I look forward to continuing my healing journey with Michael Stephens, and I can’t wait to see what mountains we can move.
If you are looking for a gentle yet extremely effective way to self-heal and move forward in your life, I highly suggest you start here."

Stephanie Hampshire

Before starting care with Michael, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress. The initial benefits of the care here are subtle, but after a few weeks, the results became more and more quantifiable. My neck and trap muscles have dropped significant tension. My stress and anxiety is pretty much completely gone. My body awareness and overall mindfulness is at a whole new level, and I breathe deeper and find more ease and peace in my life. Michael will guide you to a whole new understanding of how the nervous system works and how the body is designed to heal itself. I'm 8 weeks into care at the time of this review, and every day, the result of the entrainment sessions in my life is beyond what I can put into words."

David Johnson

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