Falling Awake
My personal journey

My journey has been a dynamic adventure of failure and growth; of tragedy and triumph. I have evolved through many different forms and the one thing that remains stable through the changes:  the clear evidence that we are formed for a purpose, by an organizing intelligence that operates beyond the range of our current understanding.

You can call this intelligence "God", the universe, Spirit or the electromagnetic field, but the thing that matters most is the awareness that it exists, and that we are a part of something so much more complex than our immediate surroundings. As we learn to live in harmony with this force, not only do we begin to heal, we begin to grow- and this the foundation to abundance!
As I have grown, both intuitively and intellectually, it becomes ever clearer that, not only were we created by this intelligence, we are also a part of it! With this knowledge comes the personal responsibility to grow-  for myself, my family and my community. For this reason, I am compelled to "fall awake" while many fall asleep, and this video is my way of using my creativity to express this. Enjoy, Falling Awake.  

Healing vs Curing

My philosophy is very simple: There is no cure for healing. Healing and curing are not synonyms and its important that we have a clear understanding of what two mean.

Healing is focused on you as a whole, human being and this includes your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. But it doesn't stop here. You also include your family, finances, career and social relationships. The combination of all of these are what make you, You. To remove or ignore any of these areas is to remove a vital part of yourself, and every symptom you experience is directly related to at least one of these areas being disconnected from you at your source.


There is no cure

for healing.

Curing is focused on the symptom or disease alone, specifically, on "fixing" or removing it without understanding to root cause. If we are depressed, we take a pill to mask our depression. If our back is injured, we get a cortisone shot to mask the pain so we can continue the same behavior that caused the injury in the first place. Do you see the trend?


The philosophy of curing absolves you from the responsibility of taking back the power in your life and leaves you dependent on someone, or something outside of  yourself to fix you. This cycle is physically, emotionally, and financially destructive, and this is why the masses are shifting to alternative ways of managing their health. 

As a healing facilitator, I help you identify the root of the problem, and when this occurs, symptoms have an intelligent way of resolving themselves. As you move forward in care, you will gain a greater understanding of the difference between illness and wellness, and a clearer picture of your Self and the Source that made you. This responsibility is the foundation to an extraordinary life!