The 21 Day Vitality Series

Creating coherence between your body and your life.

The 21 Day Vitality Series is a three week, three module breathwork series that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Simple, convenient and highly potent, this 21 day series gives you a skillset that will last a lifetime!

The immediate benefits include:

  • Enhanced, body centered safety

  • Decreased stress

  • Access to Body Wisdom

Whether you are looking to reset from trauma, grow in vitality, or clarify your life purpose, the 21 Day Vitality Series will deliver!


"The 21 Day Vitality Series was an awesome exercise for me !  I have always struggled with learning to meditate. My mind seems to refuse to

quite down.  In this exercise I feel I have finally been able to begin to understand, and develop my own space inside of me that I can go to when life gets crazy,  and mine always does!  At first It was difficult for me to stop what I was doing and take the time to do the very simple exercises.  However, as time went on, I began to feel the benefits.  Even on my most hectic days I now feel I can find ease inside of myself that was so elusive before.  I defiantly recommend this program.  It has helped me learn the of value taking a few minutes to check in with myself and breath.

Thank you, Michael Stephens!"


Samantha Malak

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